Transform lives through learning

        DIIT Educom is one of the best institutes in Rajasthan that support both classroom and digital platform of learning. Since 2012, the institute develops a knowledgeable connection with students by providing them quality education in the various Information technology  sector.Institute with world-class instructors helps students in achieving their goals and live their dreams. It opens opportunities to learn new and innovative things anytime, anywhere.

      DIIT Educom and its team want to bring a new revolution in the education industry. It is tuned with the latest trends in the IT industry and   sets the highest standards of IT educations for students. The institute unique, proven methodologies governing course-ware, education   delivery, and extensive footprint in India that enable people from all parts of the country to gain and access high-quality education in IT with   an edge in the competitive training market.

      Founder, Jai Singh Yadav inspires students for exploration in the Information Technology sector. He guides them to innovate something    new   by learning the best and standard courses. He says “Learning is an art, the more you learn, the more you gain”.

Our Mission

      To empower people, through quality education and skill, is the motto or mission of DIIT Educom and its team.


Why Students choose DIIT Educom?

   Flexible Batches

  Batches will be scheduled as per your requirements- Regular, Weekend and Sunday

  Online learning

Video lectures are designed by experts to teach students in various field of IT

  Affordable Fees

  Students provide the best education at a low price

  Practical Training

  Along with theory, practical training also provided to students in every IT field.

  Course Materials

  Course material will be provided free to students

  Job Assistance

  Job-related assistance and training provided to students

  Problem-solving classes

  Experts of various fields available to solve student’s problem, anytime